Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rain, Tweed, and Hunters

The only bright side of this day was my aqua-hued tweed skirt and that I got to wear my Hunter boots. In case you can't tell from the pictures, it was rainy and gross outside (just light enough so that we could actually take pictures that day). It was also really cold! All complaints about the weather aside, this is only the second time I've worn this skirt and I love it! The colors are much prettier in person and the slight flare is adorable. The first time I wore it I paired it with a cobalt blue top but this time, since it was so cold and I absolutely had to wear a sweater, I chose this eggplant one to pull out the purple threads in the skirt. It also goes with my purple Hunter boots!

skirt- J. Crew, sweater- J. Crew, belt- J. Crew, boots- Hunter, stockings- J. Crew, clutch- Express, sunglasses- Kate Spade, bracelet- Forever 21, earrings- Tiffany & Co.

'Well, time for my Thursday night tea (I've been loving Twinings Darjeeling lately)... and I should probably spend some time with Joe since he just got back from a business trip in Chicago :) I hope you get to relax tonight... it's almost Friday! What are you doing for the weekend?

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