Monday, January 14, 2013

A Mustard, Lime, and Hat Kind of Day

So... here's the surprise present that I was talking about... a monogrammed all in one bag from GiGi New York in lime! Joe was so sweet- he left the box on my pillow and then asked me to go upstairs to get him something... I was really surprised... and impressed! I am totally in love with this clutch. I think I've used it at least three times this weekend (and even planned outfits around it)! I didn't originally have the hat in the plans for this outfit but as you can see, it was a rainy kind of day and my hair definitely needed some cover... it started to frizz the minute I stepped outside. Also, I had painted my nails this bright red before Joe gave me the bag the night before so I added some red lipstick to pull it all together!  I really liked the bold color palette of this ensemble. The navy and the hunter were muted enough to allow the mustard top to shine but still gave the look some punch. The black heels and hat grounded the color scheme, and, as for the lime... I had no choice :) What color combination would you have done with the lime?

pants- J. Crew, shirt- J. Crew, blazer- J. Crew, shoes- MICHAEL Michael Kors, belt- J. Crew, necklace- Anthropologie (old), hat- Charter Club (old), clutch- GiGi New York

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We certainly did and we ended it just the way every weekend should end... with a nice cup of tea and a movie marathon.


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