Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stripes and Sperrys... Thinking of Spring

And so we begin with a close up of my GiGi New York monogrammed clutch :) Isn't it pretty? Believe it or not, I actually did not plan this outfit around the bag. I planned it around the nailpolish (and it just so happened that the threading for the buttons on the shoulders of this top was lime green... pretty serendipitous if you ask me). It has been really rainy and gray here these past few days and I'm really looking forward to spring so I decided to go with a nautical look over the weekend and got crafty with my hair to hide the frizz... the weather just hasn't been cooperating lately! I loved breaking out my Sperrys and this red, white, and navy striped top was the perfect complement... I also added a pair of turquoise shell earrings. Anyone else ready for the beach?

shirt- Anthropologie (thanks Can!), jeans- J. Crew, belt- J. Crew, shoes- Sperry Top-Sider, necklace- Tiffany & Co., sunglasses- Ray-Ban, earrings- old (so old that I cannot remember where they're from!), watch- Kate Spade, bracelets- Express, ring- Madewell

I hope this outfit reminds you of spring and summer and helps to put you in a lighter mood, too (it changed my mood considerably!)! Happy Tuesday :)



  1. love love LOVE the bag and your hair!! plus the fact that your initials spell BAM is pretty funny lol

    1. Thanks! I know, Joe bought me this as a surprise gift :) and I'm totally obsessed with the monogram!