Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flowers and Chambray

Even though it has been under 25 degrees out lately, I decided to bring some spring essentials into the wintry mix. Floral skirt...check. Chambray pullover...check. With some heavier tights and layers, I think that spring pieces are totally game for winter months (there's your excuse to start shopping for next season... you're welcome!)!

skirt- Anthropologie (old), button up- J. Crew, top- J. Crew, tights- J. Crew, shoes- Sam Edelman, sunglasses- Kate Spade, bag- Rebecca Minkoff, necklace- gift from my sister-in-law (Thanks Tara!)

I love the colors in this skirt...I already told you how much I've been loving pink and teal, and adding green and purple (my other favorite colors) with the mustard makes it perfect! It also makes it a super versatile piece since you can pair it with so many different colors. That's a win in my book :) I'm all for versatile pieces... I think that wearability is key in any purchase (I may have mentioned that before... but it's true!). Any time I'm considering buying a new item, I always try to think of what I can wear with it that I already have in my closet. What do you consider when buying something new?


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